About Us

Company Background

Founded in 2001, LaPorta Design & Creative Services is a full-service design firm based in Northern Virginia. We don't just cover one particular area of communications design — we cover them all. Our philosophy is to provide exceptional design solutions in a timely and cost effective manner.

As a service-oriented company we specialize in cultivating long-term client relationships through one-on-one client contact, throughout the entire creative process. We view our clients as more than just customers — we consider them a partner in the design and creative process.

Our firm is a leader in new media technologies. We stay ahead of the game by using the lastest software packages and programming languages.

At LaPorta Design & Creative Services, we have the solution for all of your communications design needs.

Our Philosophy

Design is not instantanious, it is not something that is thrown together at a moment's notice. It is a process of discovery that takes patience, experience, and communication. At LaPorta Design & Creative Services our design philosophy is comprised of three steps.

The first and most important step is listening. We begin each project by developing an understanding of your company, your customers and your needs. Doing so allows us to design creative solutions that effectively communicate your intended messages unique brand identity.

After we have gained an understanding of your company, we begin the actual work of designing. We create multiple concepts from which to choose. We discuss each of the creative concepts with you, gather your feedback and ideas. Then we go back and refine the concepts until everything is perfect.

Finally, we begin the creation of your final artwork. For websites, this involves building pages and completing any necessary programming. For print projects we are there every step of the way, managing everything from pre-production and press checks to final assembly and delivery.

It is a simple process with a simple and important goal: to design creative solutions that produce real results for your company.